• Are you targeting HR professionals in large companies?
• More than 7,000 Nordic HR professionals are invited
• 300 HR professionals gathered under the same roof
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Nordic Recruitment Day

For the fifth year in a row Sylvester & co is having Scandinavia’s largest recruitment conference in Copenhagen.

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This year Nordic Recruitment Day will be held on September 14th at Den Sorte Diamant”).

What’s in it for you?

Nordic Recruitment Day 2017 is marketed to +7,000 Nordic HR professionals through newsletters, email campaigns, former participants, our CRM and through business partners. In addition, the event is marketed on multiple digital platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and our website: www.sylvester-co.dk

This year we expect that around 70% of the participants will be Danish and the rest from other Nordic countries.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain a lot of visibility for an incredibly low marketing budget. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to network and promote your services and products at the conference for about 300 HR professionals.

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